VOLUME 1 No.20
  October, 2017

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NextMile carries the responsibility of disseminating information on one of the most successful ICT initiatives of the Country – the mission mode National Transport Computerization Project. In every project, one important requirement stands out above all others – the need to make all information related to the project available to all involved so that they are able to look beyond their own levels or domains and break free of being the proverbial frog in the well. There is also the need to make users aware of the services made available so that they are able to avail those services.
NextMile intends to fulfil these critical requirements.
For personnel who work for the Project, NextMile carries the responsibility of bringing information on what is being planned for so that they are in a position to react and contribute meaningfully to a Project that is being acknowledged as a noteworthy success story of ICT initiatives in e-Governance in India.

Editors note


        The Online Experience

As more and more states and union territories move on to Vahan 4.0 and Sarathi 4.0, people can now feel the transformation that is taking place in service delivery. The Online Experience is here! Applying online for a driving license, booking a slot for a driving test, making online payments for different online processes give a totally different kind of experience to the citizen. This issue NextMile reflects these changes.

In the State on the Move section, we present to you Himachal Pradesh which was the first to have completed migration to Sarathi 4.0.
In this issue, we present the Online Appointement System in Chandigarh in the Services Profile.
Plus our other regular features - The Turning Wheel and Know the Individual.

Rubaiyat-ul Ali