Assam first State to roll Speed Limiting Device module integration
Also implements eChallan and commissions two DTOs in newly announced Districts

From our Assam correspondent Shri Bibhujjal Bhattacharjya
Guwahati, January 04, 2020: The Transport Department of Assam has successfully integrated the Speed Limiting Device (SLD) module with Vahan on a pilot basis in DTO Kamrup (Rural) from December 21, 2019. The Commissioner Transport Assam and NIC teams from Assam and Delhi have been closely monitoring the system to make necessary customizations wherever required.
Transport Department, Assam has approved a Common Fitment Centre (CFC) which will in turn create other authorized Retro Fitment Centres (RFCs) under them for operations all over the State. The CFC credentials, along with the District Transport Office (DTO) credentials, are created by the State Admin at the level of the State Transport Authority. The SLD workflow includes authorized manufacturers who uploads inventories with Type Approval Certificates (TACs) from national Type Approval Agencies which are also a part of the system. The CFC/RFCs can fit only those devices which are type approved by selecting them online by their Unique Identification Numbers (UINs) in the application.
After fitment and testing, the CFC/RFCs generated and uploads a fitment certificate against each device UIN. The DTO concerned checks this fitment certificate and gives approval if everything is in order. The vehicle is allowed for fitness testing only after the approval for SLD is given by the DTO concerned. The beauty of the system lies in the fact that manufacturers, type approval agencies, authorized fitment centres, State Transport Authorities, DTO/ RTO are linked in one system and integrated with Vahan.

The system is a big step in augmenting road safety, not only because speed is restricted but also because it is ensured that only genuine, approved SLDs are fitted, and fitness testing is done only after the fitments are approved by the DTO concerned. The State Transport Department, NIC Delhi, NIC Assam and the CFC worked in tandem to put the system to work in its pilot phase.
Speed Limiting Device module integration with Vahan

Speed Limiting Device module integration with Vahan.

Transport and NIC officials across the Brahmaputra river for inauguration of DTO South Salmara

Transport and NIC officials travel 68-km on speed boat across the Brahmaputra river for inauguration of DTO South Salmara at one of the most remote locations


eChallan Pilot launched
Meanwhile, in another significant step, the Assam Transport Department has launched eChallan in four major DTOs of Assam – Kamrup Metro, Kamrup Rural, Cachar and Dibrugarh – from November 2019, with the help of NIC. The system was set up and configured, extensive training sessions were conducted and NIC personnel were on site during the launch of the Project. The then Commissioner Transport, Assam Shri Virendra Mittal, IAS, was present at DTO Kamrup Metro during the launch.

Two new DTOs commissioned
At the same time, Vahan and Sarathi have been made operational in two new districts of Assam. DTO Hojai was made operational on December 10, 2019 and DTO South Salmara was formally inaugurated by the Commissioner Transport, Assam Shri Adil Khan on January 04, 2020 at South Salmara district headquarters of Hatsingimari in the presence of the Deputy Commissioner, South Salmara, Smt Atika Sultana, IAS, Senior Technical Director, NIC Shri Rubaiyat-ul Ali and Shri Kailash Kalita, Deputy Transport Commissioner Shri Dipajyoti Chakraborty and Technical Director, NIC Shri Bibhujjal Bhattacharjya.

Senior Technical Director, NIC speaks at the inauguration of DTO South Salmara

Senior Technical Director, NIC speaks at the inauguration of DTO South Salmara

Inaugurating DTO South Salmara

Commissioner Transport Assam Shri Adil Khan, IAS, inaugurating DTO South Salmara


Addressing the public, the Commissioner Transport said that the ICT-enabled DTO would facilitate the citizens of the area to avail of all services related to the Transport Sector. He thanked the National Informatics Centre for having worked tirelessly not only to commission the South Salmara DTO but also to make it possible to provide all frontline ICT online  citizen services from all DTOs in Assam.

DTO South Salmara (AS-34), located at the district headquarters  at Hatsingimari, is one of the remotest locations in Assam requiring one to traverse  68 km on boat across the Brahmaputra to reach it. NIC Project personnel were at site for necessary  configurations and provided  required   training  to the staff of the DTO.



eChallaning in DTO Dibrugarh

     eChallaning in DTO Dibrugarh