New initiatives in Uttarakhand
From our Uttarakhand correspondent Shri Sanjay Gupta
Uttarakhand, October 28, 2019:The State of Uttarakhand has come up with some very significant value additions to the Transport Computerization Project. These initiatives could help in speeding up processes and facilitating users to a great extent. We present two such new endeavours from Uttarakhand:

Implementation of Document Management System -
A Document Management System (DMS), as a part of the Dealer Point Registration System, has been started as a pilot project at RTO Dehradun UK07 from October 28, 2019 for non-transport category of vehicles. Presently, non- transport category of vehicles are registered through the Dealerships using the Dealer Point Registration System of Vahan 4.0.
As per the work-flow of the system, the dealer will upload scanned documents viz. address proof, sale certificate, hypothecation documents, insurance documents etc., of a vehicle to the Vahan Server for scrutiny and verification by registering authorities.The DMS system will be rolled out in all RTO/ARTOs of Uttarakhand after successful implementation at the pilot office. The system will greatly reduce the time required to register a vehicle.

Launch of m-Fitness App
The m-Fitness App has been rolled out in ARTO Rudrapur as a pilot project with effect from December 04, 2019. It has also been customized as per the State’s requirement by the NIC Delhi Transport Team.