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From our Manipur Correspondent Smt Moirangthem Budhimala Devi

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" Vahan and Sarathi have been implemented in all RTOs of Manipur since 2006. Manipur has completely migrated to cloud-based centralized database. Vahan 4.0 and Sarathi 4.0 have been implemented in all the RTOs of the State and are running smoothly. Smartcard-based Registration Cards (RCs) and Driving Licenses (DLs) are being issued in the State.”

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“We present an overview of the National Transport Computerization Project in Manipur”


Implementation of Vahan 4.0 and Sarathi 4.0 has brought a transformative change in the work culture and mindset of the organization. e-Governance initiatives in the system have ensured more transparency, accountability and reliability in the workflow of the Department.

Sarathi 4.0 is currently providing services such as issue of LL, issue of DL and services on LL and DL, with compulsory online test while applying for LL, and driving test for Driving License, have been implemented effectively. Citizen-centric services have been provided in Sarathi 4.0, and with the integration of ePayment more services would be online for citizens to avail of from the comfort of their own premises.
National Permits are already being issued through the National Permit Portal. Implementation of the local permit system of Vahan 4.0 has been initiated by the Transport Department of Manipur. Training for issue of online local permit has been completed and the system will be commissioned soon.

Online Payments
For implementation of online payments, the Transport Department of Manipur has organized several rounds of meetings with the stakeholders i.e. banks, NIC and dealerships, and finalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for integrating the SBI ePay payment gateway for both Vahan 4.0 and Sarathi 4.0.All the required formalities are being carried out, and the integration process is under way.
Integration of online payment facility with Vahan 4.0 and Sarathi 4.0 will be launched very soon.

Integration of Dealer point Registration system with ePayment is also in the pipeline. All necessary workflow has been configured in the Online Dealer Point Application for vehicle registration, tax/ fee collection, etc. A three-day training programme was conducted from October 17, 2019 to October 19, 2019 at the State Academy of Training, Takyelpat. The training was attended by around 50 different dealers from the State of Manipur. Participants were provided with user manuals, given Power-point presentations, demonstration and hands-on training on the Dealer Point Registration Module of Vahan 4.0.