Training programme on Dealer point Registration of vehicles in Vahan 4.0
Training programme on Dealer point Registration of vehicles in Vahan 4.0
Training programme on Dealer point Registration of vehicles in Vahan 4.0
The Transport Department of Manipur is keen to implement eChallan in the State to enable cashless transactions for payment of traffic violation penalties. Demonstration of a eChallan device was done by M/s Pine Labs along with the SBI ePay gateway team at the chambers of the Commissioner of Transport, Manipur.

In brief, the Transport Department of Manipur is exploring the full potential of Vahan 4.0 and Sarathi 4.0 to retrieve maximum benefit out of this robust system. Time-to- time amendments and notifications of the Central Motor Vehicles Act and Rules, Manipur Motor Vehicles Taxation Act and Rules and Manipur Gazette Notification have been effectively implemented in the State.

Project Impact
⦿ It has changed the office environment and mindset of the organization. Most of the employees have become computer savvy.
⦿ Minimal usage of paper and storage of entire information in the centralized database.
⦿ The work culture of the administration has become open, transparent, accountable and responsive.

⦿  It has become easy to maintain audit compliance.
⦿  Reduction in the role of middlemen exploiting uneducated/ uninformed citizens while applying for registration certificates and driving licenses.

⦿  Capturing of biometrics of the applicant at the DTO makes it impossible to create fake driving licenses.
⦿  Enforcement, Defence and Intelligence agencies can easily trace the vehicles whenever any offence is committed.

⦿  Blacklisted or stolen vehicles throughout the Country can be easily identified from the Vahan database. The following are modules, in the process for incorporation/ implementation in the state -

⦿  Integration of ePayment in Vahan and Sarathi has started and is in the testing phase. ePayment will be launched soon for eTransport in Manipur.

⦿  The Local Permit Module in Vahan is being configured in the application by Central Vahan Team, NIC Delhi, as per state requirements specified by the Transport Department, Manipur, for implementation in the State.
⦿  Trade Certificate Module demonstration has been completed and initiation for implementation has been started.

⦿  eChallan is in the pipeline for implementation in the State. The Department is in the process of purchasing eChallan hand-held devices from the vendor
M/s Pine-Lab and SBI.

New Initiatives
Dealer Point Registration
Dealer point registration was fully implemented on October 15, 2019 for all DTOs in the State of Mizoram. A total number of 25 Dealers are registered in Vahan 4.0. Each Dealer is provided with a dealer admin user and a staff user by the DTO concerned. All New vehicle registrations are being done through the Online Dealer Point Registration system. Temporary Registration is also a being carried out through the Dealer Point Registration System. Entry of High Security Registration Plate Laser code is being done by Dealers for new vehicles.

Currently, online payment or dealer card payment is not yet introduced as it is still to be integrated with a payment gateway, but is expected soon. Around 80 - 170 new vehicles are registered every day through the Dealer Point Registration system.

Sarathi 4.0 has been implemented successfuly at DTO Lawngtlai (MZ01) on November 01, 2019. Now all 9 DTOs are onboarded to Sarathi 4.0.

eChallan for Traffic Police Aizawl unit was launched on December 13, 2019 in the Aizawl Police Station Complex. The Aizawl Traffic Unit Police is now working with eChallan. Approximately 40 challans have been issued so far. Other then on computer systems, the eChallan system will be implemented on two types of devices namely:

• Fablets – The Aizawl Traffic Unit Police has bought 100 fablets out of which 20 fablets have been made operational.

• PAX A920 ezetap MPOS – The Aizawl Traffic Unit Police has tied up with HDFC bank for online payment wherein the bank has provided 10 PAX A920 ezetap MPOS devices. The devices are enabled for ATM card payment for spot payment of challans.