CNG Kit Fitment Module integration with Vahan
An online application for integration of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Kit fitment module with Vahan has been developed with the objective of preventing spurious parts from being fitted to vehicles, leading to reduced accident probability and increased transparency in the system. The whole initiative comes as a measure to reduce pollution and promote use of nature-friendly and wallet-friendly fuel.

The advantages of using CNG as a fuel are well known and include:
⦿ Reduced fuel Cost - 50% savings over petrol and diesel
⦿ Environment Friendly lower carbon content
⦿ Lesser Maintenance Cost
⦿ Better Performance Superior start in severe cold/hot climate
⦿ Increased safety - Stronger,safer storage tanks

The CNG integration module provides a framework for CNG Kit Models and Inventory Management integration among Kit Manufacturers, Testing Agencies, Retro Fitment Centres (RFCs) and RTOs. It also facilitates standardization and transparency through consistent technical parameters, a clear workflow for model certification process, uniform CNG kit models and accounting of CNG fitted vehicles.

The workflow of the integration module includes the following stakeholders:
⦿ CNG Kit Manufacturers
⦿ Type approval agency
⦿ Retro Fitment Centre
⦿ Distributor
⦿ State

The CNG Kit Manufacturers uploads their antecedents and model details for verification and testing by the Type Approval Agencies which provides the Type Approval Certificates (TACs). The manufacturers then upload their approved inventory in the system with the unique identification/serial numbers. The distributors and the RFCs can provide and fit only the models uploaded by the manufacturers according to the type of vehicles and only those devices the identification/serial numbers of which are available in the system. The State concerned provides user accounts and credentials to RFCs and the RTOs under it. The RTO concerned accords the final approval in the system.
Key Statistics
⦿ Total Manufacturers : 26
⦿ Total Distributers: 19
⦿ Total Retro Fitment Centres: 191
⦿ Total Fitments: 72,000
⦿ Implemented in Delhi
Workflow of Integration of CNG fitment with Vahan

Workflow of Integration of CNG fitment with Vahan