Faceless Transport Services: Dawn of a new Era

The launch of Faceless Transport Services can be considered to be a paradigm shift in services delivery. No more visits to offices, no more interference by touts. The citizen sits at home or visits a nearby Internet Cafe, applies online and gets the service and related documents online. Let us take a look at how this works:

Faceless Services Overview
  • As per new CMVR provision, and with adoption of advanced technologies, enhanced focus on citizen facilitation and convenience is targeted – service delivery to be in a completely contactless and automated manner.
  • Extensive customisation done in Vahan, Sarathi applications to enable Faceless operations
  • Leveraging technologies like Aadhaar Authentication, eKYC, eSign, AI-based Facial Recognition, for a faster adoption and achieving quick wins.
  • Elimination/minimization of RTO Footfalls, documentation and other procedural requirements for the various transport services (except for a limited number of services).
Benefits of Faceless Services
* Expedites ease of service delivery
* Enables transparency in operations
* Achieves improved efficiencies in service delivery lifecycle
* Minimizes Red Tapism and Corruption