Testimonial Of a User

Dear Friend, I would like to share my pleasant experience in the renewal of my Driving License.
Renewal of Driving License and address change
My driving License expired in November 2021 and I forgot to renew it on time. I noticed this in January 2022.
I recollected my experience at the time of renewal of Driving License last time, in November 2016. I had submitted my application for renewal along with the required fees at the counter of RTO Trivandrum. The counter staff told me that I could collect my renewed Driving Licence if I would wait for half an hour. I agreed to wait and they issued it as promised. I felt extremely happy about their service. Things are happening here.
This time I wanted to renew my Driving License and also change the address. I understood that this was a faceless/contactless application. No need to visit RTO.You need to submit application and documents online including fee using the website https://sarathi.parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice/sarathiHomePublic.do?stCd=KL
It was suggested me to entrust the task to an agent so that he would take care of everything.
But I decided to submit the application directly. I viewed a couple of videos from Google.
I filled up my application in the above mentioned website, download the required forms and the filled up application in the website. I approached a spectacle shop for Eye-Test Certificate and Medical Certificate-Form1A.
Then I uploaded the following documents as required;
List of documents required for driving license renewal and address change (Quoted from sarathi.parivahan website )
• Driving Licencess
• Eye-Test Certificate
• Permanent Address Proof
• Address Proof (Present)
• Form1 Physical Fitness (Self Declaration)
• Medical Certificate-Form1A

Further I uploaded my Scanned Photo and Signature
Upon successful completion I remitted a fee amount of Rs 765 on line.
I got a text message on my mobile number informing that my application was accepted.
It was on January 20, 2022.
Today on January 22, 2022 I received the renewed Driving License by Speed Post.
I felt very happy about the service of the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department. I would like to thank all the stakeholders including the policy makers in the State and Central Government.
The intention of this post is to encourage everybody who require similar service to do it directly. Those who cannot do it online personally may approach an Akshaya Centre for help.