Uttarakhand at the Forefront
From our Uttarakhand Correspondent Shri Sanjay Gupta
" The State of Uttarakhand has not only achieved implementation of online services related to vehicle registration and driver’s license in all the 19 RTOs and ARTOs in the Transport Department of Uttarakhand, it has also come up with innovative solutions for state-specific requirements. We present a profile of the implementation of the Mission Mode National Transport Computerization Project in the State along with its own innovative initiatives.”
Functional Coverage:


Vehicle Related Services – Vahan Portal :

Following online services are operational in the State:


Θ Dealer Point Vehicle Registration system :
  • No delay in sending documents to the RTO concerned by the Dealer therefore timely registration of the vehicle at the RTO.
  • Data entry is done at the dealership itself, ensuring more accuracy, and reducing data entry load on the overworked Transport staff.
  • Eliminates funds parking at the dealer point.
  • Introduces homologation directly from the vehicle manufacturer database, ensuring better accuracy, and less input effort even for the Dealership.
  • Prompt payment of Fees & Taxes by the dealer resulting in quick receipt of revenue by the Transport Department.
  • Accords better monitoring at all levels, both in the Transport Department and at the Dealerships.
  • Implementation of Document Management System.
  • The system reduces time in registering a vehicle by the Transport Department of UK.
  • As per the work-flow of this system, the dealer uploads scanned documents viz., address proof, sale certificate, hypothecation documents, insurance documents etc. about a vehicle to Vahan Server for scrutiny and verification by registering authorities.
  • Integration of vahan portal with Pollution checking centers.
  • Online auctioning and booking of fancy number for vehicles.
  • Online payment of vehicle tax.
  • Fitness Renewal/Re-apply after expiry of fitness validity.
  • Online collection of Balance fee
  • Application for No Objection Certificate
  • Duplicate Fitness Certificate
  • Renewal of registration
  • Alteration of vehicle
  • Printing of RC Particulars
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